Chelsey Klenke
Jennifer took the time to make sure each lesson was understood by our puppy Nugget and my fiancé and I. She wrote up notes about each session so we could look back and remember what we went over each week. Before starting the training she let us know what to expect and what we would be working on with Nugget. She took the time to make sure our questions and concerns were addressed. When we had questions outside of the training time she responded in a timely manner. She is fantastic!
Adam Schwerdt
After trying to train our new puppy for the first few months, we felt like we weren't making the progress we should have been. What we lacked was the patience and progressions.During the beginner class, Jennifer was great at demonstrating and offering constructive feedback for us. My wife and I would highly recommend dog training with PetImpact!
Imani Maatuka
Jennifer was absolutely amazing! Benji, my West Highland Terrier, quickly caught on to the new tricks, because of her awesome training style and tactics. I was even more impressed by the weekly emails outlining homework, tips and reminders! I cannot recommend Pet Impact enough!
Sara Schroeder
Jennifer is AMAZING! I really cannot recommend her enough. Jennifer's dog training course is the best thing I have spent money on in years, and I'd happily spend double what she charges--she is that amazing. I had been trying to work on commands, loose leash walking, etc. with my dog, Addie, by using various techniques that I had found on Google. Nothing seemed to really stick, so I decided that it was time to hire a professional trainer. And WOW! I signed up for five sessions with Jennifer, but honestly, the first session alone was worth the money. Jennifer's love for and knowledge about dogs is clear from the moment you meet her, and she doesn't just care about training your dog; she really cares about helping you become a more responsible pet owner and better communicate with your pup. I learned so much about communicating with and training Addie during the first session alone. And Addie caught on very quickly with Jennifer's training methods! It's like I have a different dog. I had already been using positive reinforcement with Addie, of course, but Jennifer taught me so many little things about communicating with her that I would have never thought of on my own--and all of those little things made a world of a difference. And Addie absolutely LOVES seeing Jennifer and truly seems to enjoy training! Jennifer is great about recognizing when a dog is getting frustrated or bored during training, or if you dog is too excited to do homework, and she knows how to work with your dog when that happens. She also sends you a personalized write-up and homework assignment after each session (that she clearly puts a lot of thought and time into), and she's always available to answer any questions that you might have! Every time that I've emailed Jennifer with a question, she's responded within an hour or two. You can tell that she genuinely cares about each of her clients and their pets.
Heather Guise
Jennifer is amazing! She is full of great suggestions and answered alot of emails and phone calls from me during the time we were taking a group class with her. I'm now working with her privately with my dog. Highly recommend.
Krystle Hatter
Jen is truly amazing and I highly recommend her! Her passion and love for dogs truly shows from the moment you meet her! I live in a loft, got a 9 week year old pup and had no idea how to tackle potty training or really training a dog. With Jen’s pre-puppy class a lot of my questions and doubts were put to ease. As far as training goes, my pup was always excited to see her and train. Her use of positive reinforcement for training is amazing, effective and has given me the chance to truly bond with my pup. I’m looking forward to working with her again!
Sound is my vibe
had a scared rescue dog who couldn’t be touched. It only took 2 sessions with Jen what I tried on my own to do and couldn’t accomplish in 9 months. Jen’s training through love gave ME training to communicate to my dog to make my pup feel safe. We now cuddle.
Lauren McCormack
Jen is amazing! We had basic puppy classes at Pet Smart, but Jen taught us things we never knew. Trigger words, loose leash walking, tricks, positive reinforcement. Jen does it all and with private classes it is perfect. We cannot recommend Jen enough!
Renee K
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Jen is truly one of the best. She was a life saver when I got a new puppy. Her one-on-one training skills, personalized service, and understanding of pet/people relationships really set her apart and make her a fantastic trainer. Also my puppy LOVES, trusts, and respects her. She works independently so you are supporting a true small, local business.
Analise D.
Jennifer at Pet Impact really helped me learn a new method of training that was right for my sweet girl. My dog was easily scared and very shy which I had not dealt with before. With positive reinforcement and mush encouragement my beautiful baby came out of her shell and is now a well adjusted and behaved member of my household. Thanks Jen for teaching both me and Violet how to thrive!
Jonathan Riley
When we adopted a rescue, Jen was the clear choice of where to start. She not only did an amazing job making a connection with our new puppy, but also really facilitated us to make a better connection along the way. She's punctual, organized, and even gives notes about everything per session so that the focus is kept where it should be during the session and not on a notebook. PetImpact continues to impress me with its continued support of charities and the connections it maintains with all the pets it's helped. If you have many pets, or are getting your first, go with PetImpact. I promise you'll learn plenty!
Taylor G.
When I got my first puppy, I was so nervous and really had no idea how to train him! Jennifer stepped right in and taught our whole family how to train using positive reinforcement. We are consistently complimented on how well-trained our dog is. We only had to put our pup through a few sessions, and he is able to accompany us to restaurants, on outings, and even to airports. When I was worried that our pup was having some anxiety when he was left alone, Jennifer dropped everything to talk to me and gave me great advice. We really appreciate all that Pet Impact! has done for us and our sweet pup.
Emily C.
Jennifer is the best dog trainer I have ever worked with. I highly recommend her to all of my friends with pets, and everyone has had the same amazing experience. Focusing on positive reinforcement, Jen doesn't just teach your dog; she teaches YOU how to be a responsible pet owner and helps you build a relationship with your dog. From basic puppy training to specific behavioral issues - Jen does it all. After each lesson she emails you "homework" to continue working on the lessons. Her writeups are personalized to you and your pet and you can tell she spends a considerable amount of time writing them. I recommend Jen to anyone needing a dog trainer in St. Louis - you won't find anyone better!
Kirstie Viens
We continue to use Jen to train our new puppy after training with her on our first dog! We love her. She loves animals, has the patience and passion to work with stubborn animals! I wouldn’t use anyone else!